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There are many ways DPC can actually save you money, but lets not forget the best part of DPC. It’s not about the money, its about great convenient healthcare that puts you back in the driver’s seat! Imagine getting amazing customer service from a Medical office! That’s because you are our customer, not the insurance company, and you deserve it!


1. Do I still need insurance? 

Yes, DPC is not an alternative to insurance, you still need insurance for catastrophic events like hospitalizations or ER visits.  Most people opt for a high deductible plan as a more affordable option.  Supplementing your high deductible plan with this model can be cost-effective.  Think of it this way, you wouldn’t file a claim with your car insurance company for a broken windshield wiper! 

2.  Why a monthly fee? 

The cost of each visit is simple, clear and up front.  An affordable monthly membership fee covers up to 12 visits per year for primary care services in the office.  Similar to a gym membership, less than the monthly cost of cable or cell phone bill.  No co-pays, labs are deeply discounted.

 3.  If I don't get sick that often, how does this benefit me? 

More time with your provider.  More personalized attention for you and your chronic medical issues.  You become the person in charge of your health.  Your membership includes an annual physical with discounted labs, in office procedures, office visits for chronic and acute care (without a co-pay) and direct access-whether its to schedule an appointment or to ask a question.  The DPC program keeps the patient numbers small to provide the best care possible.  If you call, we will get back to you.

 4.  Where do I have labs and X-ray done?  What about specialists?   

Some in office labs, such as strep test, are included in the membership program.  Anything that is not included is at the member only rate. We draw labs in office.  You are charged at the member rate which has been negotiated for members only.  The practice is constantly evolving and looking for the best and most affordable option for you.  If you need a specialist, we will help find the most cost effective cash pay rate possible. 


1) We are much more willing and able to handle things over the phone, via secure messaging, text, or video call, as our revenue doesn’t depend on health insurance companies dictating that you HAVE to come in in order to be paid. This means no using your vacation time from work just to come in to the office. If we can handle it without an office visit, we absolutely will! We work around your schedule, for you!

2) Our waiting room is extremely relaxed, so when you actually need or want to visit, there is usually very little, if any wait. Our waiting area provides a quiet place to decompress and enjoy a calm, comfortable atmosphere. Come in early or hang out after and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea!

3) DPC makes so much sense as you are not penalized for being sick! Take advantage of pure healthcare! Get in here, get yourself healthy, and keep yourself healthy! Come multiple times per year. Whatever you want, after all its your life…and your health. 

 4) You never have to worry about how much “this visit” is going to cost. If you are sick or concerned, call us ASAP, and let’s figure out how to get you to where you want to be.

DPC is for services provided at Godley Family Medicine only. This memebership does not include a specialist or any outside services ( such as mammograms, colonoscopies, etc)