Godley Family Medicine provides affordable and convenient primary care medical services. We offer direct primary care services located in Godley, Texas. While we do accept most insurance plans, we also offer an innovative service model that operates outside of traditional fee-for-service and insurance. This allows us to provide medical care in the office, via email, and via phone at a low monthly rate.

For Emergencies: Call 911

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Direct Primary Care Membership Benefits

  • Access to your provider when you need it
    Ability to contact your provider via phone, email, facetime, or office visits
  • Extended visits.
  • All visits will be scheduled for least 30 minutes, or longer if needed
  • No per visit fee
  • Diagnostic procedures at no extra cost include: EKG, Urinalysis, Urine pregnancy testing, Strep testing
  • In-office breathing treatments
    Annual Physical (General Check-Up or Well Woman Exam)
  • Access to discounted lab, and in office injections

Godley Family Medicine, with this program, uses a monthly direct pay, flat fee that is likely to cover majority of the issues for which you will need to seek medical care, including: routine and preventative care, sick visits, weight loss management, chronic disease management, and pediatric care starting at age 4.

“Joy saved my 11yr son from Covid Cough! I went to my PCP, ER, and an alternative doctor and none of them would give me any help for his bronchial cough. Dr. Joy heard him cough once a new exactly what he needed and could tell that he was suffering and couldn’t breathe. Thanks to her I believe she saved my sons life. The staff got me in within 45 minutes on a Tele visit and I can’t thank them enough for their excellent customer service and expertise. My prescriptions were ready within 20 minutes. I highly recommend!”

Amie Pitts

Godley Family Medicine Patient Parent